[s-cars] CQ/S6 Storage

Christopher Gharibo cgharibo at usa.net
Sun May 11 08:25:01 EDT 2003

I drive my CQ in the winter and S6 avant in the summer (6 months each).

For ideal storage, what're the steps I should be taking as I store either one
for 6 months. Some thoughts come to mind, butb please feel free to add:

1. Shoul I disconnect the battery? Should it be hooked up to a trickle charger
or should I just let it drain?
2. Is it OK to leave the used oil in engine for 6 months, would this
facilitate corrosion? Or should I do an oil change and then store.
3. Should the fuel tank be full or empty?
4. Any pressure issues with the tires?
5. Any issues that apply to the S6 and not the CQ, or vice versa?

Plase feel free to address any other areas I might have left out.


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