[s-cars] Battery Charging

Richard Beels beels at technologist.com
Sun May 11 17:00:16 EDT 2003

goto www.harborfreight.com and buy their little float charger.  it's
normally $15 but goes on sale for 1/2 price every couple months.  This
little gadget has revived batteries that wouldn't charge any other way.

I had a lawnmower battery that was dead after forgetting to remove it for
the winter.  Wouldn't recharge, wouldn't hold a charge, etc...  I plugged
the float charger in a a week later, it was fine, 2 years later, still
is.  A few years ago, I had a couple UPSs sit in the garage for about 6
months and the batteries died.   When I plugged them in, they wouldn't
recharge.  A few days each on the float charger and they've been fine
since.  My father-in-law has one plugged into his beater 90Q for over a
year now and the battery still works fine when he starts the car every
month or so.   I haven't had a battery go completely bad on me since I
started using it.

Another nifty one is the solar 1.5watt charger.  works great for the dump
truck and the front-end loader/backhoe when they sit for weeks at a time

Still need to check the fluid levels on non-sealed batteries and add
distilled water (because acid doesn't evaporate, only the water does) if
needed but this $8.00 wonder has paid for itself many times over....

At 05/10/2003 at 19:16, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Christopher
Gharibo's keyboard and said:
>I had my S6 in storage for about 6 months and of course the battery is dead.
>This is a brand new Audi battery that was installed about 9 months a go.
>I cant seem to be able to charge the battery. I have placed the battery
>recharger clamps both directly on the battery and on contact points under the
>Everything comes on, but when I crank all I hear is clicking. I've waited the
>whole day. I've even tried different chargers.
>What do I do now?
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