[s-cars] One Lap Saga

Frederic L'Huillier Frederic.L'Huillier at Siebel.com
Tue May 13 18:28:28 EDT 2003

Don't even go there pal !!!!
In Europe, our driving skills are equal to our abilities to build sport
cars !!!


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> I think this is an awesome event to plan now...two teams, one from
> Europe, one from America, in UrS-cars, competing in one lap...plenty
> of time if we organize it now.

One running 28 psi boost, the other 24 psi.  One running a 26mm
Happersize rear bar, the other running a factory 17mm.  One using
anti-seize, the other...

Oh no.  Now what have I started ;-)


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