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For that amount of work, and given the variable driving conditions, perhaps
the effort warrants consideration of installing one of the aftermarket wide
band 02 meters either in conjunction with, or in addition to an EGT probe?

FWLIW, I've had a SPA dual boost/EGT gauge in a car for awhile.  The EGT
probe is positioned in the cast exhaust manifold, approximately half way
between #1 and #2 cylinder exhaust ports.  I've had two probe failures, i.e.
the probe has gone from reading @ 1,250 F (+/- a 100 degrees or so, which
seems a bit too cool) to suddenly reading in the 300 - 400's F.   The
consistently, I think low, 1200 - 1300 EGT's under load (the gauge says I'm
running in the low to mid 800's under cruise) makes me wonder if something
isn't calibrated correctly.

When on the dyno and connected, the wide band o2 showed readings of @ 13.1,
occasionally dropping to the mid 12 to 1 O2 level under full (@ 25 to 27
psi) boost.


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~I agree,
~We had run the car for 3k miles, and did some dyno tuning.  We had a
~fluke dmm that had a K-type t.c. reader on it and all looked o.k.  It
~only showed up after putting in my home built t.c. reader and after
~being on the freeway for several miles at +75mph.
~So I don't know if it was a bad t.c. reader or some strange issue that
~only shows at partial throttle and high load, tbd.
~Next year we should have a much better preparations.
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~	> with pressure, from an adapter where the maf would normally go
~and it
~	> held pressure dropping slowly over about a minute or so.  We
~even tried
~	> larger injectors 385's that did nothing to the egt's and
~different fuel
~	> pressure from 40-70psi. New O2, disconnected the boost gauge,
~the vac
~	> line to the diff and ac, all to no evail.
~	>
~	>
~	Sonds like you had a lot more than you wanted. Car should be
~perfect b4
~	starting such an ordeal
~	Rod

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