[s-cars] Eibachs... again

Walsh, Edward edward.walsh at agedwards.com
Tue May 13 18:27:21 EDT 2003

I just installed a set of the Eibachs and noticed (only after they were
installed!) that I too have the 1527.001 (fronts) and 1516.002 (rears).  I
just assumed they were really 1517.002 rears that were stamped with one
digit off.  Pics are here http://briefcase.yahoo.com/rundeep_32
FWIW, I like the ride (bilstein struts) a whole lot... No bottoming out and
a nice controlled feel.  I wish the front was a 1/2 inch lower, as "I" can
tell the stance is off .  I got the set from Shox.com about 2 months ago.
For those who received the wrong spring set, did you pursue any corrective
action through Eibach or Shox.com?

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