[s-cars] Re: [Audi5zylinderturbotechnik] 500hp+ coupe Yeehaa, need guidance

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at email.msn.com
Tue May 13 18:57:39 EDT 2003

    Well it's actually quite straightforward.  The biggest bit of work is
the harness install, but if you do a good job on removal from the donor then
it isn't that bad.  Getting the engine in isn't very hard either, but the
transmission may need the R/S2 tailhousing to fit properly, never tried
cramming a large body transmission into a small body car, but I do know the
smaller tailhousing is used for a reason.  Then you will need linkage, R/S2
linkage from the shift mechanism down to the transmission, not cheap.  You
may be able to get away with hacking away at some of the large body linkage,
but in my experience it doesn't work.  You don't have to worry about clutch,
flywheel, and that like which is nice.  You will need to do something about
driveshafts, R/S2 units will bolt up, stock ones will not due to the smaller
inner cv bolt pattern on the output shaft.  No need for an S2 subframe, get
yourself a 90 V6 (93-95) subframe as it is the same part as the S2's.  Then
you will need R/S2 6 speed brackets, there are also mounts specific to the 6

    Engine physically bolts up, watch out for interference with a SQ EM,
never seen one in a small body, but I believe it fits.  Airbox is out the
window probably, turbo will be too large at 500bhp.  Intercooler, custom
FMIC or RS2, RS2 front crossmember is hideously expensive new, but folks
have been customing those up to avoid the near $1k crossmember.  Either way
I would go with a larger than RS2 FMIC anyways.  No room behind stock bumper
for FMIC of any really substantial kind, so S2 or better yet RS2 cover is
needed.  Intake manifold on the AAN will NOT fit at all, puts the throttle
body in the radiator.  RS2 intake manifold is usually used, you can reuse
the throttle body.  Intake plumbing is up to the builder.

    At that level I would suggest a dual pass or much more efficient all
metal radiator, stock won't cut it.

    A/C is out the window unless you want to spend some serious bucks on the
S2 lines or have some custom lines bent up.  Also the large body A/C
compressor gets in the way, Brandon's site has a good write up on that
issue, http://www.20v.org/S2/

    R/S2 oil filter brackets, lines, and that like get used by some folks,
some work around it.

    Off the top of my head that is what I can say without getting horribly
longwinded.  Join the eS2 mailing list on Audifans too,

    If you need any more tips just ask, there are folks who have done this
swap and will know even in more detail about issues and problems.


Good Luck!

Alexander van Gerbig


Waitsfield, VT 05673

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