[s-cars] Bose Delta woes

CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Thu May 15 04:18:16 EDT 2003

The FM antenna amplifiers (2 each) are external to the head unit. If
you have the in-glass antenna's, then the one amp (for the front
windshield) is in the front A pillar; the one for the rear antenna is
(I believe with all my heart) under the back deck, above the metal
plate that is on the trunk side, right next to the place the wires drop
down. The Bentley manual illustrates these locations quite well,
although they are a pain in the arse to get to.

I think it's dubious that you lost both antenna's at the same time
unless the antenna connector got disconnected (sits on the rightmost
side of the rear of the stereo). Question: do you get AM OK, and only
FM is failed, or have both failed? All this advice of course presumes
you have the in-glass antenna's. If you have a standard antenna (wire
mast, power antenna, etc) that shipped in some of the model years, then
I don't have the answers for you....

=-= Marc Glasgow


My radio (Bose Delta) suddenly seems to have lost the
ability to amplify sound from the radio tuner.  The tape
player sounds fine;  the CD player sounded fine as well,
at lease until I removed the temperature control unit to
reach under the radio to check for loose wires.  (I haven't
tracked down an extraction tool yet, so I had to take the
indirect route.)  Now there's no power to the CD changer.


Does anybody know if there is an antenna amplifier in the
radio unit?  Is that likely to be the problem, since the station
select buttons seem to work?  (Although somewhere along
the line they were all reset to 87.7)  Rebuilt units from the dealer
are $200 -- cheap if the radio unit is the problem, but expensive
for trial-and-error.

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