[s-cars] Eibachs... the "true " story

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Thu May 15 19:18:58 EDT 2003

I included the 1517.002 because, even though Eibach now says it's incorrect,
they have been trying to pass it off as being the right spring for 3 years now.

I'm not arguing whether the set you got works well or not.  I'm sure that it
does.  And I realize you were just passing on what Eibach told you.  I was just
questioning the information that the Eibach tech gave you.  From an engineering
standpoint, any company that has any semblance of configuration control is not
going to be changing part #'s without there being some corresponding technical
change to the part itself.  So the tech saying they're all the same just didn't
make sense to me.  Granted, the change could be something as innocuous as the
color, but based on my experience there are dimensional differences with these

I think Charlie has summarized everything you ever wanted to know about Eibach
UrS4/6 springs fairly thoroughly, so we've probably more than beat this one to

Now, about those H&R V8 springs that come in varying colors.... ;-)


> In a message dated 5/14/2003 9:57:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> bob.rossato at att.net writes:
> > If Eibach is now claiming that the specs between the old 1529.001/.002 and
> > today's 1527.001 &1516.002 (1517.002?) are the same, then one way or
> > another they don't have very good records.
> >
> You write 1516.002 (1517.002?)... It's definately 1516.002 now.  I have a
> current set, and the Eibach tech claimed that those were the "right" ones.
> Hard to tell the true story.  I asked a bunch of questions, in light of what
> I've heard from listers over the past several months, and I just relayed on
> the answers I received.  One question I didn't ask was...  If the 1516.002s
> are the right spring, what was the 1517.002 supposed to be for, if not the
> S4?
> All past incidents behind... I still gotta say I absolutely love them.  My
> car has the 1517.002 rears, from which I cut off exactly one inactive coil (I
> can hear it now).  This resulted in reducing the free length of the spring to

> what the "right" one (1516.002) now is.
> Several other listers have asked me (off list) what I did, and I told them.
> They did the same coil removal, and have been happy with the results.
> However, no one will likely make public mention of coil cutting, as it
> generally brings an onslaught of objections.  I asked the tech about this
> method of dealing with the problem, and he assured me that the spring rates
> (there are 2) would remain in tact, as several of the upper coils function as
> spacers, more or less.  Either way, he offered to send me a pair of the
> 1516.002s gratis.
> Dave in CO

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