[s-cars] was: re S-cars in seattle, now:RS2 Rocks!

Daniel Hussey danh at s-cars.org
Thu May 15 21:25:08 EDT 2003

I'd second the Evo vote.  I'd say get an Audi, but they make nothing that
competes on that level anymore for that price-point.  So, get an Evo 8.
Kick ass car, with 3-electronically locable differentials, active yaw
control and an intercooler mister (auto/manual settings)...  oh, and 4-pot
Brembos from the factory!  SWEET ASS SWEET!  Where do I sign?

'95 S6 Avant (Europa/ecru)
'87 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 (aka "Ski Bitch")
Seattle, WA

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> Joe-
> Forget the STi, the Evo understeers less and has better brakes.
> Once Ralliart offers factory upgrades here, the Evo will smoke
> the STi thoroughly.
> I'd definitely get one to complement the Audi, but never to replace.
> Taka
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