[s-cars] EVO not all it claims to be...

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 06:52:01 EDT 2003

Actually, you're right on the Evo, but the Sti only
allows you to control the center differential, which
is good enough for me.  The front is a limited slip
unit and the rear...I can't recall.

Either way, they're both very very bad machine.

--- Clayton Howes <linksvu at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am sorry to burst your bubble about the praise for
> the EVO 8, but the STI
> is the one to go for.  Dan is mistaken when it is
> taking about the three
> controled diffs, that is not the case for the EVO.
> The EVO has an open dif
> in front, an LSD center, and pressurized LSD in
> rear, and non are controlled
> by the driver.
> In the case of the STI, that is the truth.  Subaru
> has what is called the
> "active" drivetrain where the driver has the
> opportunity to lock all three
> LSD or leave it to the computer.  In which case, the
> conputer decides which
> wheels and/or wheel to spin and which to not.  It
> does not leave it to
> chance or what ever wheel begins to spin in the case
> of the EVO.  The STI
> can sense if there is braking involved,
> accelerating, or anything along
> those lines.  The EVO can not (in the US version,
> the TRUE EVO that is not
> being imported has a more advanded driveline).  With
> that, STI is far beyong
> what is offered in the EVO.
> And lets not forget that the STI also has an in-car
> water sprayer for the
> intake.  I would trust the STI over the EVO
> anyday....
> CT  "look at what Audi has started..."  Howes
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