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> Joe-
> Forget the STi, the Evo understeers less and has better brakes.
> Once Ralliart offers factory upgrades here, the Evo will smoke
> the STi thoroughly.
> I'd definitely get one to complement the Audi, but never to replace.
> Taka

Respectfully disagree, the STI will always make more power with an additional
.5 liters, the understeer is easily cured with anti roll bars, and the brakes
are virtually identical. The EVO has bigger tires hence the better braking
times. The STI is a much better value as well.

I do agree with the comment on having both an Audi and either an STI or EVO,
as I have 2 Audi's and a nearly complete STI conversion on my WRX. The
WRX/STI dyno'd 290 whp with the WRX 2.0 liter motor. See below.


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