[s-cars] license plate frame(d).

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A.  Find a new dealer, because your parts people are stupid.
B.  The plate frame part number escapes me, but they should be able to find
it easily in ETKA.
C.  The plate frame for the car is expensive.  I just paid like $60 for a
new one for my S6 Avant.  I have a plate frame on the front of my car now,
but the stupid screwholes where the plate screws into are just clamped into
the underside plastic corrode the the screws and spin the whole thing freely
and you are stuck buying a new one.  Horrible design, and I've had to
replace this part on every Audi I've ever owned.


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> hello nnnnnnewman,
> besides hating the DC DMV w/ a passion akin to that of a crushed snail
> under my bare foot, they have "hinted" to me that i should have a front
> license plate mounted to the front bumper, by giving me a $50 parking
> ticket. i do not know why i even registered my car- a "non-registered
> motor vehicle" ticket is only $30 a day! i would have saved $20. my S6
> did not come w/ a front plate, plate frame, or any holes or indication
> there is a place for one w/o just drilling holes myself.
> anyway, does anyone have, or have access to the license plate frame
> part #? the last i asked the stealer about this, they told me that
> there was no frame made for that model car and that i would be
> "excused" by any state's DMV. obviously, that is not the case. as
> always, any and all assistance is much appreciated.
> sincerely,
> matt ludwig.
> 95.5 S6 avant.
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