[s-cars] license plate frame(d).

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Part is 4A0-807-287-M-3FZ BRACKET, dealer list is $55.28 BTDT with a dealer
Try Quattromotion in Newark, NJ for a used part, they are parting out a
lister's UrS6.

Doug L
94 S4

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hello nnnnnnewman,

besides hating the DC DMV w/ a passion akin to that of a crushed snail
under my bare foot, they have "hinted" to me that i should have a front
license plate mounted to the front bumper, by giving me a $50 parking
ticket. i do not know why i even registered my car- a "non-registered
motor vehicle" ticket is only $30 a day! i would have saved $20. my S6
did not come w/ a front plate, plate frame, or any holes or indication
there is a place for one w/o just drilling holes myself.

anyway, does anyone have, or have access to the license plate frame
part #? the last i asked the stealer about this, they told me that
there was no frame made for that model car and that i would be
"excused" by any state's DMV. obviously, that is not the case. as
always, any and all assistance is much appreciated.


matt ludwig.
95.5 S6 avant.

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