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Excellent idea, of course it defeats the purpose of having such a huge
resevoir in the first place, but what the hey, if the heat is causing the
eventual problems, why not keep it full. Winter skiing is where I ue it most
often and it gets fairly low and then heat should not be as much of a

Doug L
94 S4

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At a boy scout camp over this weekend, the scoutmaster filled a Dixie
cup with water and set it into and next to the campfire.  He explained
the cup below the water line will not burn until the water evaporates
because the water absorbs the heat.  It worked.
Last night, while filling my windshield pisser reservoir, for some
reason this demonstration came to mind and I thought about the cracked
reservoirs that our cars tend to develop.  I haven't had this happen,
but I believe it is a real PITA to fix from what I've read and new ones
are not cheap.
I would 'guess' that constant engine heat over time causes these plastic
bottles to age more quickly and ultimately crack.
Based on the above experiment, I would 'guess' that simply keeping our
reservoirs filled would keep the plastic cooler and would prolong their
Bill m
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