[s-cars] Political and/or religious commentary on the S-car list

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue May 20 00:50:30 EDT 2003


If you don't have anything better than to count how many times Bob's random
signature has posted that, then yeah right, go on and have fun :-) I'm a
Christian and I'm not offended at all by that comment and I can't see how a
Christian could possibly be offended by that when one knows what humour and 2nd
degree means.

Did you also read Bob's other comments in his signature? Some of them are a lot
more controversial than this one IMHO...

Just a thought,


Quoting Wayne Dohnal <dohnal at inter.net>:

> "I've been wondering...  Who would Jesus bomb?"
> This comment has been posted on the list at least 28 times since
> February.
> If I wasn't offended by it on a political basis, I would be as a
> Christian.
> If anybody can explain to me why it is appropriate on this list, I will
> apologize for my outburst.
> Wayne Dohnal
> 1994 S4
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