[s-cars] One Lap Saga Concept 2004

CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Tue May 20 05:28:24 EDT 2003


    You're missing a few of the most desirable bits of electronic
doodads out there for a true long-haul speeder:

(A) 40 channel galaxy CB with both upper and lower sidebands - 120
channels total, including the ones the long-haul truckers use
(some shops will be happy to not 'reduce' the power on the thing to
the legal 5 watt limit from the stock 10 watt factory setting);

(B) Bearcat or ICOM-ICR71 full spectrum programmable scanner (to get
voice data from all police transmissions), along with an up-to-date
frequency chart for the areas you plan on transiting through;

(C) a data antenna direction & distance finder with frequency selection
(given that something like 95% of cops have computers in their cars,
and these operate at known frequencies at known power levels, being
able to approximate range and direction to the next officer should be
within the realm of any true solder junkie with an electronics degree);

Plus the smart-money non-electronic doodads to go with this:

(D) A license plate that says FAA-TECH or FCC-TRAK on it (explains both
the multiple antennas and makes it less likely you'll be ticketed);

(E) A matching 'safety jacket' with either FAA INVESTIGATOR or FCC
INVESTIGATOR in bright orange reflective letters on it (to hang from the
handle over the rear window... yes, I know where to get these);

(F) A reflective red on white bumper sticker that says "Task Force
in a fairly small (4x8") size.

=-= Marc Glasgow
(who has often covered 450 miles in the USA in under 3.5 hours without
(the again, it's either genetic or societally instilled -- I am German
born & drove there first)


Cars should be at least RS2 capable, and have V1 detector and Laser and
Radar jammers (see me for more info on this).

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