[s-cars] Windshield washer tank replacement?

Djdawson2 at aol.com Djdawson2 at aol.com
Wed May 21 12:06:46 EDT 2003

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It isn't actually all that hard...  There are 2, possibly 3 screws securing
it down at the bottom of the tank, and one at the top on the fender side of
the tank.  There are 2 pump motors (one for windshield, one for headlights).
Both will need to be disconnected electrically, as well as the fluid lines.

You will need to unbolt the steering fluid reservoir from the inner fender (2
10mm hex heads), and lift it aside.  You will not need to disconnect anything
other than the level sensor connector.

Careful removal of the fluid pumps is key... they're usually in there pretty
good after all these years, and I imagine that they could be broken in an
attempt to remove them.  Save or replace the black rubber seals at the bases
of the pumps.

While the WW res is out, it's a good time to look over the high volume
headlight hoses for leaks, especially at the T where the line splits to go to
the individual headlights.  The factory used crimp-on clamps that tend to
leak/loose tension over time.

I paid $52 for mine from Blau.  Replacement took me about 45 minutes,
including tightening those clamps at the T.

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