[s-cars] 93 s4 parts...

Jhaagendazs at aol.com Jhaagendazs at aol.com
Wed May 21 20:22:16 EDT 2003

Hello audi fans, I am the most recent owner of a lightly crashed red 1993 s4,
I am looking for parts to fix it. it's production date is 11/92
Specifically;  - the r. strut/knuckle assy. (Passenger side front)
                 - R. fender
                 - R. headlight, (two plug style)
                 - Fr. bumper, (complete)
                 - Oil cooler (in good condition)
                 - Hood
and other miscellany trim parts... any help in locating these items would be

Thank You, J. Haagen

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