[s-cars] need some tunes for when I take it to the track...

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The reason I said that is because it is much harder to learn how to
drive well if you
have a car with very high limits, lots of power and lots of brake.

You can learn a lot more driving something like a stock Miata, where
every mistake will
cost you lots of time, than driving a X50 996tt. Kind of like the jerk I
came across last
year- I was on his bumper through almost all of the twisties at Summit
Point and then
for the short back straight and the front straight, he'd thoroughly dust
me, then I'd be
right behind him for the rest of the lap (me in my car, he in his
996tt). Fortunately,
that wasn't the case all day long.


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Sheeeesh Taka

What fun is there in all that routine stuff. Get out there and stuff a
bigger turbo in her!

Hap, the Master of understatement in Everboost, Maguire

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