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Do you know what you have now?  What are hot & cold side wheel dimensions?

Here's what I like beyond the rs2:

T3 stage V hotside (or if you want to spool faster, a t3 stage III, but it
might be a little small for the top end you want)
t04E "super 50" cold side

innovative or turbonetics


BTW> I found a broken piston on my URQ today.   That's all for the 10v.
Now I go for the 20v conversion ( in a 2,844lb car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Well, today I was able to get the car over to my friends shop to see if we
could figure out why I was useing coolant. We got the head off and it looks
cylinder two was leaking at the head gasket. I just bought Haps old head
has a full port and polish and valve job so at the same time I will be doing
a steel head gasket, ARP raceware head stud kit, new piston rings and forged
rods. Well, if thats not enough, I also noticed well inspecting the turbo
a couple of the fins on the hot side were broken and all of them looked a
little damaged. So now what do I do, rebuild the turbo? This turbo is less
than 1
year old and is 2Bennetts thrust bushing turbo. I am supposed to be going to
Mid- Ohio June 12th so I am cutting it close. Anyone have any recomendations
who to call to have the turbo rebuilt or a better turbo to go with? This
turbo is rated to flow 680 cfm and is a little slow to spool but is hard to
from 5000 to 7500rpm. If I go with a new turbo I would like something that
pulls hard in the upper rpms but spools around 3500rpm, any such thing?
Thanks for
any help,

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