Fw: [s-cars] apparently warped rotors, when hot

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Fri May 30 12:33:17 EDT 2003

Hmmmm....I see I wrote "breaking" vs. braking...a Freudian slip or the
influence of the Audi gods?

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> A question to the list...
> Does it make sense for front rotors to act warped after they heat up, but
> not until then?
> The sedan I purchased a while ago had nearly new drilled Zimmermann rotors
> on the G60's up front.  Having had to replace the pads (Red Box installed)
> I went to bedding them in.  Some 10-15 second  drag breaking to heat them
> some and then started the bedding in with the stepped up speed and
> episodes.  Nice, smooth breaking for the first set, then after a bit
> a second set.  Third one in from about 60 mph, the steering wheel starts
> dancing in my hands.  WTF?!  Tried it again; same thing.  Drove a bit and
> did it again...smooth.  And so it goes.  Sometimes smooth; sometimes
> warped, but almost always when they've been nominally heated up.  Not hot,
> buy any means.
> In any case, slapped a set of used stock rotors on it and the problem
> doesn't seem to exist.  Longer pedal travel 'cause they're worn, but no
> shimmy.
> Any similar experiences?  If it seems to do it only when it's warmed up,
> does it make any sense to turn the rotors?  They don't seem to show a
> at least when cold.  They're barely worn; not much more than a fingernail
> thickness lip.
> TIA,
> Steve
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