[s-cars] Don't be so hasty...

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According to reports from both sides of the pond, the STi
will need some suspension tuning to get the understeer out,
which apparently, the Evo, does not require. Damned if I
know as I have yet to drive either.

IMO, nothing ricey about a high-performance car like that,
esp. at the price they're asking.

You don't have much headroom to up the boost on those engines,
though, not without some significant strengthening. You're
better off going to a bigger turbo at the same boost.

You want big, big power, out of a little engine, look at the
SR20DET powered 240SXes- with FMIC and the proper size T04,
you're looking at 350-400hp easily out of a 2L I-4. Not too
expensive for one of those cars, either, and a lot of the
300zxtt and Skyline parts- brakes esp.- bolt right on.


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I'm done with Audi's for now.  The 1.8T's a great
motor, but I'm really after something less refined and
more raw.  I have plenty of friends with B5 and B6
1.8T's and B5 S4's and there's a lot that you can do
to them, but there's something to be said for a highly modifiable 300HP,
Brembo front and rear, short wheelbase out of the box rally car.

I know, it's ricey, but I wouldn't have to touch the
engine or chassis...or would I?  ;-)

--- thomas.pollock at amd.com wrote:
> Hey Joe,
> just curious, have you considered the 1.8 Audi ?
> Was up at NEA yesterday
> and was totally amazed what their doing with the
> 1.8's these days. Their
> project car is a 500hp 1.8 A4 but there were also a
> couple of 300hp VW Golfs
> there too.  I've been looking for a 2.7t A6 to
> replace the wives 100csq but
> after seeing how easy the 1.8 mod is, I want one.
> Oh, I mean she wants one,
> she just doesn't know it yet... 8-)
> Another cool thing is you can have mutliple software
> maps sitting in the
> ECU, selectable via the wiper stauk.  Nice !!!
> tom.
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