Anyone know this European "trader"

Andrew Shea anshea at
Thu Nov 20 02:10:33 EST 2003

Hey all,

I currently have a few items on the classifieds board-
our 95.5 S6 being one of those items:(.  Another item
is a Hofele Design headlight set.  I recently received
the follow e-mail related to the Hofele ad: 

"Hello , My names is Jaff Lauren, i am an trader in
europe ...i want to purchase your new Hofele Design A4
double headlamp-conversion, really i have seen all
it's detail and condition on the adverts . and i want
to know the cost price so that we can proceed to
payment, however i will want to know if you can accept
a cashier cheque drawn from a US bank .i hope t o hear
from you soon 

Anyone know the "trader"?  The email just makes me
uncomfortable, I can't really articulate why.  



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