Anyone know this European "trader"

Varon H. Fugman vfugman at
Thu Nov 20 03:43:06 EST 2003


You should be uncomfortable!  The reason why is that this payment by
cashier's check is a scam.  Anyone selling a car or parts on-line should
read this write-up to learn more:

There are also lots of other write-ups... just do a Google search on
"counterfeit cashier's check".

(Warning: NAC at above link.  I cannot be held responsible if you wander
astray into FWD Swedish territory.)

Now Andrew, what makes *me* uncomfortable is that your message came from
s-car-list-bounces at instead of the usual
s-car-list-admin at and lacked the [s-cars] tag in the subject.
How do you explain this? :-)

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