Anyone know this European "trader"

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Nov 20 04:15:57 EST 2003

At 9:43 PM -0600 11/19/03, Varon H. Fugman wrote:

>Now Andrew, what makes *me* uncomfortable is that your message came from
>s-car-list-bounces at instead of the usual
>s-car-list-admin at and lacked the [s-cars] tag in the subject.
>How do you explain this? :-)

I'll explain it.  We just switched operating systems, upgraded about 
a light year ahead in terms of mailman versions...a few things were 
bound to change :-)

I highly recommend filtering by List-Id, and not any other header; 
it's what I use and has never failed me.  Any MailMan list will have 
that header, and any mail client worth its salt will let you filter 
on custom headers(Eudora, Mozilla/Netscape and derivatives, Outlook, 

We're sorting out various config problems and such- stick with us, 
this will probably take a day or two to get fully sorted out.

As for the tag- you guys use that?  Oops.  I'll go flip that back on. 
Usually most lists HATE that tag with a passion, we damn near had a 
revolt on quattro when we accidentally flipped it on.  Wastes screen 
real estate IMHO, but whatever floats yer boat.

Audifans Admin Team
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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