[s-cars] s-car list double SCAM "RE: Anyone know this European "trader""

Douglas Landaeta landaeta1 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 20 04:33:18 EST 2003

You should all go check and reset your audifans password. Might be
coincidence, but after opening the first of these messages, I recieved an
email from the S-car-list-request at audif.. It was a Welcome message with a
new password - someone had popped in there and set up a new password - I
quickly changed it again and did my 'emergency routine' of changing just
about everything else. I was suspicious of the subject heading as well...

Doug Landaeta

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You should be uncomfortable!  The reason why is that this payment by
cashier's check is a scam.  Anyone selling a car or parts on-line should
read this write-up to learn more:


There are also lots of other write-ups... just do a Google search on
"counterfeit cashier's check".

(Warning: NAC at above link.  I cannot be held responsible if you wander
astray into FWD Swedish territory.)

Now Andrew, what makes *me* uncomfortable is that your message came from
s-car-list-bounces at audifans.com instead of the usual
s-car-list-admin at audifans.com and lacked the [s-cars] tag in the subject.
How do you explain this? :-)

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