[s-cars] Re: Anyone know this European "trader"

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Thu Nov 20 04:34:52 EST 2003


Not having an [s-cars] tag and not having a recognizable name is likely
to get one's message deleted from my mailbox.


Brett Dikeman wrote:
> At 9:43 PM -0600 11/19/03, Varon H. Fugman wrote:
> >Now Andrew, what makes *me* uncomfortable is that your message came from
> >s-car-list-bounces at audifans.com instead of the usual
> >s-car-list-admin at audifans.com and lacked the [s-cars] tag in the subject.
> >How do you explain this? :-)
> I'll explain it.  We just switched operating systems, upgraded about
> a light year ahead in terms of mailman versions...a few things were
> bound to change :-)
> I highly recommend filtering by List-Id, and not any other header;
> it's what I use and has never failed me.  Any MailMan list will have
> that header, and any mail client worth its salt will let you filter
> on custom headers(Eudora, Mozilla/Netscape and derivatives, Outlook,
> etc.)
> We're sorting out various config problems and such- stick with us,
> this will probably take a day or two to get fully sorted out.
> As for the tag- you guys use that?  Oops.  I'll go flip that back on.
> Usually most lists HATE that tag with a passion, we damn near had a
> revolt on quattro when we accidentally flipped it on.  Wastes screen
> real estate IMHO, but whatever floats yer boat.
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