[s-cars] RE: Anyone know this European "trader"

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Thu Nov 20 04:58:21 EST 2003

Earlier, Bob Rossato wrote:
> > As for the tag- you guys use that?  Oops.  I'll go flip that back on.
> > Usually most lists HATE that tag with a passion, we damn near had a
> > revolt on quattro when we accidentally flipped it on.  Wastes screen
> > real estate IMHO, but whatever floats yer boat.
> Personally I can't stand the tag line.  Seems kind of pointless.  I was kind
> of hoping it would stay off.  Darn.

I agree with Bob.

I get my S-car mail to a separate mailbox, so there's no need for an ID
that just makes less of the subject readable.

    - Charlie

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