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Thu Nov 20 12:42:17 EST 2003

Agree Kirby, those molding nubs make the Q's a bit squirrelly when new.  When 
I hauled the brand new Blizzack WS50's to Steamboat last year, the track boys 
mentioned the same thing about the BX too.  They said they perform best at 
200mi>.  WRT Q's vs NRW's, it's "sipe" vs "tread".  The Q's advantage is the 
Blizzack type sipe (the razor cuts in the tread to increase grip), the NRW 
advantage is strictly tread.  I ran both the Q's and the NRW's at Steamboat, IME/O 
the Q's rule, and are as close as you can get to the awesome traction of the 
BX, with a better mileage life.

We ran the Q's on the S2 Rally car before they were officially introduced a 
few years ago, and the all around usefulness of that tire was impressive (snow, 
gravel, ice, water).  Blizzacks still rule the ice tho, I just wish the 
sidewall was stiffer.  I'm a big fan of the P210 as a all around winter tire with a 
great stiff sidewall. There are better tires in any specific evaluation, 
tough to beat overall.

Scott Justusson
205/60 Q's on 15x7 Fuchs - Winter driving
205/60 WS50s on 15x7 Fuchs - in da trunk to steamboat
195/65 P210 on 15x6
205/60 P210 on 15x7 

Previous Steamboat tire tests, posted to lists, in respective order (and IMO, 
WS50 Blizzacks
Hakka Q's
Pirelli Winter P210
Hakka NRW
Hakka 10's
Michilen artic Alpins

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kirby.a.smith at verizon.net writes:
P.S.  Don't evaluate the Q's handling until you have worn off the mold
sprues (nipples) that are present on each of the 2200 sipes.  Until then
the driving is a bit "hairy."



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