[s-cars] Re: Anyone know this European "trader"

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 20 13:29:20 EST 2003

Yeah, I had a similar experience when I first tried to
sell my s-car.

Guy named Scott Anderson from the Detroit area said he
was interested, but wanted to cut me a check for 5k
more than what I was selling the car for, come out to
NY and give me the check, have me give him 5k cash and
the car and "the check'll clear, it's certified!" and
drive my car back to Detroit.  My friggin ass.

I promptly told him to go bang his sister.  


--- Andrew Shea <anshea at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I currently have a few items on the classifieds
> board-
> our 95.5 S6 being one of those items:(.  Another
> item
> is a Hofele Design headlight set.  I recently
> received
> the follow e-mail related to the Hofele ad: 
> "Hello , My names is Jaff Lauren, i am an trader in
> europe ...i want to purchase your new Hofele Design
> A4
> double headlamp-conversion, really i have seen all
> it's detail and condition on the adverts . and i
> want
> to know the cost price so that we can proceed to
> payment, however i will want to know if you can
> accept
> a cashier cheque drawn from a US bank .i hope t o
> hear
> from you soon 
> Thanks, 
> Jaff."
> Anyone know the "trader"?  The email just makes me
> uncomfortable, I can't really articulate why.  
> Thanks.
> -Andrew
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