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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

"Q: What do the NASCAR race teams use to inflate their tires? Is it a
special gas or the air that would be put in a street tire? Also, who mounts
the tires for the teams?

A: We all bleed out the compressed air and put nitrogen in them because that
is a gas that is very, very low on water content. During the course of a
run, if you were running compressed air you would probably build up more
than 50 percent more (air pressure) than we do with nitrogen. At times, I've
played around and looked for another gas to inflate the tires with that
would be even better yet and there is another gas we came up with and we
tried it. It did really build up a lot less, but there was something about
the fact that it was flammable that we, uh, decided to go against that. It
wasn't worth taking the chance. .."

Apparently, claimed to be the gas of choice for Airforce 1's tires as well,

Nitrogen has the added benefits of not being much of an oxidant or
flammable, if one considers those elements of much significance (like these
guys do, who claim something like as much
@ 26% better tire life) as far as filling a tire goes.


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