[s-cars] tool/fluid carrying in trunk?

Chad Clark chadclark at qwest.net
Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003


 Over my course of car ownership, I have had a "tub" or carrying case of
sorts in every vehicle that I've owned. Always containing the necessities
like quart of Mobil 1, basic metric wrench set, socket set, emergency repair
kits(hose and belt), fuses, etc, etc. No larger than 18" x 12" x 12" and
total weight is around 10 lbs. The "tub" sits next to the CD changer, has a
lid and I simply double bungee cord it from the rear right speaker cutout to
the base of the plyboard covering the spare tire. Even during very spirited
driving, it will not work its way loose. Plus it's easily removable should I
need that extra trunk space for luggage or the occasional dead bodies:-)

 You may also want to ask Brian Bilotti about his trunk concoction as he was
telling me about it briefly during his trip to CO last month. Sounds like it
may be a neater install. Good luck,


on 4/30/02 12:34 PM, adam morley at axm135 at po.cwru.edu wrote:

> how do you all carry your tools/fluids in your trunk?  just throw 'em in?  or
> do you have some sort of organizing device?  i was considering (for a brief
> period of time) creating some sort of hanging job for the torque wrench, tool
> kit, etc, while making some sort of tiered job for the oil, brake, g12, etc.
> but haven't gotten to either......
> --
> adam
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