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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Enter the street cars. What can I say, besides that they SUCKED. Got
into the UrS, the lumbering land-yacht that it is, and I can honestly
say that hustling it around the track had become unpleasant at best, and
oftentimes scary. I also tried a sport package equipped '01 A4 1.8t, and
it was a little better, but not much. A 450 bhp GT2d 993 turbo offered
more pleasantries yet. Still, however, nothing compared to the purpose
built race cars.

I'm ruined.

I'm not really interested in tracking the UrS anymore (this too shall
pass however), but until I can afford a purpose built track vehicle, it
will have to do. The R tires and big brakes sure help the equation
though. FWIW, the temperature marking paint on the rotors showed that
the brakes got up to ~ 600 degrees C. Wow!  Most of the orange paint on
the pads had turned black / flaked off (rotors had a bit of a blue tint
too). This being said, although I didn't do a great number of laps in my
car, the pads went in 18.0mm thick and came out about the same. Nice
track pads, squeal like the devil though, whereas the stockers provide
for a wife-friendly silence.

The conclusion

Anyway, the moral of the story is (and you know this already) that this
affliction we all share also happens to be a drug. The more you partake
(R tires, track pads, purpose built cars, etc., etc.) the worse it gets.
No treatment, no cure, inoperable. Ain't it grand?

Happy motoring, and try to get a drive in something made for the track.
You won't want to go back.

Frank at

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