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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

"BTW it's I'd say about a 2 hr install start to finish if anyone cares.  The
lower connection on the IM hose behind the driver side head light was the
most difficult.  I had been told to take the head light out, but I got lucky
and my attempts at fitting the hose over the pipe; bottom to top with the
assistance of a small screwdriver, paid off big time.  I did remove the
cover on the back of the light to gain a couple of critical inches.  I just
didn't want to take the light out and deal with re-aiming.  The lower
crossover is a piece of cake.  And; the last hose to the turbo and by pass
valve requires taking the airbox cover out.  I disconnected most of the
Michelin man hoses and just worked around it.  This hose install is a little
difficult but straightforward.  Before tightening, make sure that it's
twisted enough (rotated) so the smaller section going to the bypass
valve fits/locks/rests in the wire arm support coming off the engine block.
Mine fell about 2" short so now it just rests on the wire arm instead of
locking into place, but as tightening those locking nuts takes a lot of time
I'm not going back.
**** I spent some time before putting each hose in position, taking care to
orient the clamps in such a way that they could be tightened when in
position.  In other words make sure you have access for your wrench and/or
socket.  I Dremelled off (shortened) the bolts on the lower crossover hose,
after install, as they just seemed too long IME."

Cheers, /James.

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	Thanks for your diligence, you're a good man for coordinating this.
	my penance will be whether or not I end up hosting our East
	Gathering in August!

	Anyway, wow, that IS a good deal.  Best I was looking at was, well,
I guess
	I too will honor your non-disclosure option.  Like I said, maybe 20%
	Good job!

	Like I mentioned before, the real good news for me is Ray T. is
sending me a
	'loaner' hose to tide me over until August.  Hey, any East Coaster
who plans
	on attending our fest who's in on the GP...  should the hoses arrive
in time
	(if I go with 8/24) we'll have an install session.  Yeah, we know
how party,
	don't we now!

	-Paul "out of control fun with boost hoses" Krasusky

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