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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

An enormous THANK YOU to Bob Rossato for donating his ENTIRE weekend to my
suspension and brake install.  Not to mention all his purty tools.  Do you
have an ownership stake in Snap On?  He's right in self proclaiming himself
as the "Tool Hoar", and has fashioned his own camber and toe devices.  Made
the job soooo much easier.  He's also fashioned a brake bleeder that is made
from scraps that probably have been in orbit on the Shuttle or something.

And an enormous F U to the folks @ ECS.  OK, I shouldn't say that.  But BOY
was that being spoken during the work.  Basically, they sent me their camber
plates (that I had to wait 2 weeks on to be anodized)withOUT the studs to
secure them to the tower.  Nice.  So the next day I had to hit the hardware
store to buy some hex bolts, then ground down the heads to clear the strut
bearing.  Oh, that and they only sent me ONE friggin pad sensor.  Nice

But, after marathon sessions of Fri. 8-1, Sat. 11-6, and Sun. 12-3, I can
proudly report that I've now joined the ranks of the "slower and lower".
Yes, this is a sad display of efficiency... I'm sure Bob would have had us
working much faster if I didn't keep breaking to attend to "thirst issues".
Well worth every busted knuckle.  993tt calipers on Euro A8 F&R rotors work
without issue (except an initial shield rubbing, my bad).  The H&R /
Bilstein Sport set up is excellent.  FWIW, we measured Bob's '95 mit Eibach
/ Bilstein, the H&R's are about 1/4" lower IIRC (too many Newcastles by that
point to remember...).  Does anyone who runs Mintex red box pads get the
high pitch 'whir' when stopping (not so much a squeak, more
metallic-sounding hi-po brake pad sound)?  Just wondering if the silencers
are doing their job correctly, no biggie really.

TTFN.  Another FWIW, for those here who are S Fest-ers:  I'm at least
looking into Taka's suggestion for a pre-brew road rally around some local
twisties.  I'm envisioning a 45 mile loop or so, arrive @ noon, leave @
12:30, return by 2, drink.  Those who've replied will receive direct email
as the summer progresses with further detail.

Paul K.
'95 //S6 finally looking the way it should on them Avus 17x8's
'87 2.3-16 SOLD and handsomely covered dem mods!
'58 TR3A red-headed bastard step child now that //S car is in garage,
haven't moved it yet this year.  Sad.

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