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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

his hands on. This had such a terrifying effect on his parents that they
wouldn't let him have his drivers license until he was 17 (fear of racing
and wrecking the family station-wagon).

Little did they know, he had been borrowing his older brothers license and
tearing up the local Malibu Grand Prix track for the previous two years.
(lap record 1986 - present).

August 12, 1979 was independence day for Scott. The day he turned 18 and the
day that he was on a plane to the Jim Russell Racing school at Le-Curcuit
Mont Tremblant, Canada. After Completing every course that they taught, he
started racing in their F/Ford series and soon ran out of money. Three years
of Pizza parlor money =3D one month of racing. Coming home he couldn't
understand why some F/Atlantic team hadn't called yet. He realized that it
wasn't talent but money that got you a ride. Really big reality check!

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