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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Garrett re profiled the ECU chip or chips.  They had dyno runs done both
before, and after the chip only work.  My reading of the write up is that
Garrett's reprofiling picked up about an additional 10 ~ 11% performance

I know you're set on the "... it isn't an add or subtract.." point, but on
an empirical basis, & solely my opinion, I don't think it's a dead end
either.  You may well be right, but I wouldn't be ready to call the book
completely closed on using a stock or RS2 Hot Wire sensor in this fashion.
I'd certainly totally agree 100% with you on the "..its a significant effort
to get working..." part.

Prior to the last "fine tuning" go around (a) the car runs (ran) a purported
348 hp at the wheels on the dyno at 23 psi ~ that can be extrapolated to @
435 +/- crank horses, ... maybe; and (b) but for some other (hopefully not
related, but yet to be isolated or resolved) smoke on shift issues, ran
well, IMO, on a sort of shake down trip from Denver to SLC and back in
February ~ for over @ 2,000+ miles including the Denver/SLC trip,
maintaining gas mileage well within what I've usually thought of as "normal"
parameters for these cars (@ 20 to 22 mpg on the highway.)  The 20~22 mpg
average included a fair number of hard pulls to over 100 mph, and one "how
fast will it go" on a deserted stretch of the road coming in from Ft.
Collins to Laramie (7,000+ feet) after the drop off the Snowy Range pass.
In fact I found the car seemed very willing to continue pulling hard in 6th
gear well past an indicated 160mph on the speedo, ... but I wasn't.

IMO/E, on that trip, it seemed to me that the car would/will pull, even
beginning at @ 100 mph, about as hard in 6th a most more standardized
UrS4/6s, even some chipped ones, pull in 4th, with EGT temperatures staying
within @ 1,500 F +/- a hundred degrees or so.  So, in short while the
solution may not be ideal, and the car may not be setup to its "maximal"
potential with the MAF kludge, it isn't chopped liver IMO either.


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~Taka, et al,
~Yeah, you can put an MAF in a different housing, but it completely changes
~its characteristics, requiring full remapping of one of the chips in the
~ECU (BTDT). This is _not_ just an addition/subtraction or % difference
~problem, it's a mess, and significant effort to get working properly. If
~possible, stick with vendors who package such things with their products.

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