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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

drop with Eibachs is due to the Bilsteins.
The distance from the lower spring perch to the
lower shock attachment sleeve is about 3mm longer on
the 93 and 95 OEM Boge shocks than on the Bilstein
Sports or HDs. I did a side-by-side compare of the
Sports and HDs, and as far as I could eyeball it the
grooves for the split ring were put at the identical
distance from the bottom in both shocks.

93 S4
95 S6

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> Jeff wrote:
> Jim,
> Thanks for the common sense remarks. You're right that the spring
> length has to be constant regardless of shock type.
> Question: Are any listers out there who installed Eibach within 2002?
> (my arbitrary date selection)
> If yes, is your car level?
> Jeff
> Yes I put a set of Eibach/Bilstein Sports on a 95 S6 just about a year
> ago. I ran the back both with and without the spacer to see what
> diferance it made. Somewhat low without the spacer and just a touch
> higher in back (compared to the front)  with the spacer. We are talking
> small amounts here and only people like us would ever notice IMO. The
> car looked good either way. The spacer is in my rear suspension now and
> will probably stay as much for gound clearance reasons as any other. I
> do carry four people occasionally. I purchased the the whole thing from
> (they have another name) and they were able to find the spacer
> rings "in the back" after I insisted they were needed with the
> Bilsteins. Someone I spoke to during the buying  process said they had a
> note about needing this spacer in some application guide. I spoke to
> Bilstein techs more than once and it was pobably them. I never talked to
> Eibach about this issue since it is a shock thing not a spring thing.
> The Eibach on OE shock (which I also tryed) did not need to go up or
> down to match the front on my car. My impression at the time was the
> spacer was a Bilstein provided part. My memory is fuzzy on this now.
> Hope this helps.
> Rick
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