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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Driver Level (circle)   Beg   Int   Adv Beg   Int   Adv
Check appropriate boxes:
Full Event (Fri+Sat + Sun)      1    $225      1      $150
School only (Fri+Sat)       1    $125      1      $75
Lapping only (Sunday)       1    $125      1      $75   Not avail. for

So the School must include a half day of track I presume form your comment.

<<And I guess there is nothing to be
gained by doing car control excersizes in your opinion?>>

Well, speaking for myself, after some 20-30 track events I can't say I'd be
terribly excited to drive 10 hours each way to do control excersizes, I'd
really like some track time.


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