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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

AAN part number your looking for is 4A1 422 893 Q. The picture in ETKA is
misleading and is probably why they ordered the wrong part.

ETKA stuff
Model A10Q
year 93
MainGroup 4
SubGroup 22
Illustration 422-45


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Hi Folks,

After receiving the wrong part from the dealer for the second time, I'm
asking for your help.

I am trying to replace the hydraulic line from the pump to the steering
rack.  It is the one with the larger diameter end at the pump, (on top of
the pump) and the pig-tail like coil at the rack.

I attempted to have this rebuilt by a hydraulic shop, and what they sent me
in return, pulsates and moans and leaves the brake light dimly lit all the
time. Interestingly, if I un-plug the servotronic, these sypmtoms are
reduced, but still there.  The hydraulic shop hacked the old hose to re-use
the ends, and stupid me didn't write down the part number before this was
done.  This same shop did an excellent job on the foam-covered hose from the
pump to the bomb, so I figured I would give this hose to them also.

Part of the problem is that I have been dealing with a Volkswagen only
dealer that can get me Audi parts.  They are an "Audi Authorized Service
Center", but don't have anyone that "knows" Audi, let alone an S4.  I guess
I should include that I deal with them because I get parts for cost, and
have had no problems until now.  They should all be able to read the ETKA
and order parts though right?

So, If anyone can help with a link to a working fam-album, or would be
willing to look the part up and get me a good #, I would be very

When I took the part off, it was one piece.  What I have received twice now
from the dealer, is two pieces.  One, that seems like it will work, is the
steel pipe with coil-end and a rubber hose with a male threaded end.  The
other piece is a curved steel pipe with a female end to mate with the male,
but the end that would goto the pump is the wrong diameter and size of
banjo-bolt fitting to connect to the pump. I don't know if the two-piece
thing is a supposed improvement to the original part or what?

If anyone can help, it would be great.

Ron Kirkham
93 S4 with bad plumbing

PS. the hydraulic pump is new and caused this line to fail, I think.

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