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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

only 1.3 bar Abs, and the WGFV is what is allowing the overboost to get
where it is.
Is this a correct assumption, if so... winding down the wastegate would do
little, would it not.

I am going to hope (blindly) that the 3" turbo back exhaust will help reduce
the pressure somewhat.
If not, what are the solutions. Keeping my 'foot outta it' is not one, as I
have very little self control when a BMW gets poised to pass.

I guess go with the overboost condition, beef up the bottom end, upgrade FPR
and injectors, etc. etc. would be a good course of action. But I'd have to
knock over a bank for it. :-)

Mark S

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