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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

<<<<The noise began as a very faint tic, tic, tic noise - but just when
beginning to move in 1st gear when the car was cold and when it was 20F or
25F degrees outside. Sort of like the noise you made as a kid by putting a
playing card into the spokes of a bicycle, but not that loud. Since it was
cold, of course the windows were rolled up. I dismissed the noise, as
perhaps being due to something that oil had not yet reached, because once I
would shift into 2nd for a few feet, and then back into 1st - the noise
would be gone. I would only hear it on the first motion ... when I would be
traveling at 2 or 3 MPH in a parking lot with very light throttle. Anyway,
by the time I had driven another 2000 miles, the noise was quite apparent,
particularly if I would drive away with the windows rolled down. On
disassembly, the damage to 1st gear was quite apparent. The rubbing surface
of one tooth on the mainshaft was very badly galled away. >>>>>>>

Now, I'm not getting a tick-tick, card in the spoke sound.  Mine occurs not
just when going the 1st 2-3 mph, but at any speed in 1st, IF I'm applying
the throttle.  And it's more grainy in sound than a tick.  Am I getting
experiencing the same fault?  Based on Charlie's (terrific) comprehensive
research (mine being 12/94 build), my guess is yes, I'm screwed, and mine
just makes a different noise.

Bob speculates I can just live with this for some time w/o worrying of
roadside meltdown.  Charlie, does it get louder to the point of unbearable,
or is this it?  I can simply live with it?  I do (still, of course) do hard
1st gear starts, but like you refer to in your write up, ONLY after the
clutch is engaged.  Am I only accelerating the wear (pun intended)?

Ugh.  F'n Audi.

-Paul with Today's Complaints

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