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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

gear if you keep your foot on the floor, even without
WG adjustments.  I did it just for the hell of it one
night and it went to 24 lbs for more than I was
comfortable and then leveled off to 20.  Needless to
say, I changed that habit quick.  Haven't done any new
test runs with the 1+, but it's the same boost
program, so similar results may occur.  Are all your
vacuum connections good to go?

Joe, being serious for once, Pizzo
--- Dan Simoes <dans at> wrote:
> But you can't recall how many turns you did.
> Is there a way to get back to the stock/starting
> position without
> removing the wastegate?
> I'm seeing odd boost patterns in my 200 (3b motor).
> There are two distinct peaks, which I guess is
> characteristic of the
> Lehmann chip I'm running.  But sometimes if I floor
> it in 5th, it will
> boost up to about 15 psi, drastically cut back to
> nothing, then increase
> again.  If I keep my foot down past that point,
> boost slowly creeps
> toward 18-19psi and I saw 20psi the other day for a
> moment.
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