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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

will house the new 4 wheel dyno.  I hear that they are
turning to a new segment of the market (Audi/VW
tuning) and are/will soon be an APR distributor.
Always good to know of good wrenches in the area,
especially those with race experience.  Anyhow, I'll
find out what I can about this dyno thing and get back
to you guys as soon as I know.

--- Neil Swanson <neilsphoto at> wrote:
> Joe
> As soon as I sent that post it occured to me it must
> be Speed Sport.
>  You can see from their site that they do a lot of
> high end race car work.  Mostly Porsches and very
> little regular road car work. The lot their on any
> given day has GT3 Cup cars, 996tt street/track cars
> and some sweet 944 turbos etc.  Any PDA/SCDA/PCA
> event
> at Lime Rock is a good place to spot their customers
> cars.
> They are turning one of their buildings into an area
> for tuning other cars besides Porsches.  They have
> an
> new WRX and I think a Golf 1.8t they are going to do
> over.
> I know some guys who have worked or work there now.
> I
> didn't know about the dyno though so I guess a visit
> is needed.
> Neil
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