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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

driving into a higher temperature as the car warms up (going from a cold
garage to a higher ambient)? This could activate the A/C.
Tom Black. No A/C needed in Oakville.
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> I have a recurring situation with my heater AC control.  The "snowflake"
> always shows up - except for lately.  The weather is about 40 degrees F
> the AC compressor is not kicking in right away, which would help clear up
> the windows with dry air.  After the car has warmed up a little, the AC
> compressor kicks in.
> Has anybody experienced this.  The compressor was just retrofitted and
> charged, so it does not appear to be low on pressure, but I can have this
> checked again.  Any thoughts would be welcome, especially BTDT
> Ron, waiting for my foggy windows to clear, in Vancouver
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