[s-cars] Passed on that 92 S4.. with good reason!

Marc Swanson mswanson at sonitrol.net
Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Well, I was all psyched about checking out that 92 S4 for sale last

I called the guy on Saturday morning to arrange for a test drive.  He
tells me that he just got the car in at his dealership yesterday and
there is a bit of a problem...

Apparently he went to start the car up to move it around back and the
thing was making an awful ticking noise.  So he pulled it into his shop
and had the mechanics take a look at it.

Drum roll please.....

- _NO_ oil in the sump
- blown head gasket

hmmm, nice pampered example of an S4 eh?  So I told the guy that if the
owner is looking to get rid of the car to give me a call.  I figure if I
can walk away with it for low $$ it might still be worth it (say.. $4-5k
or so).  It would make the perfect excuse to throw a 2.6 in there since
it would need a motor anyway ;-)

I doubt he'll call back, but it would be a fun project anyway.


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