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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Teflon lined piece for the bearing. The heat of this welding may have gotten
to the bearing which would lead to its premature wear. The new piece uses a
press fit and retainer clip.

It seems they are the only available and elegant way of getting the
desperately needed caster for my car. I am still buying a set even if they
get as noisy as the "bad" set of first design you couldn't hear it over the
noise from my exhaust. :-)

Let me know if there are other options available.


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Thanks Hap, I will contact 2Bennett and ask what improvement have been made
to the design that reduces or "hopefully" elliminates this noisy drive.

I'll post the response.

Cheers, /James.

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	I have had a set of the original 2Bennett solid spherical camber plates
	mounted on my car for over a year now. They are noisy. Would I replace them
	with stock or equivalent? No. The turn in is just too good. Did I mention
	that they were noisy? Couple these with the Big RSB and despite what
	naysayers say, pigs can fly!

	The new plates are supposed to address the noise problem. Did I mention
	pigs can fly? The noise issue on the originals is primarily associated with
	low speed street irregularities(pot holes and such). There is no noise at
	highway speeds(at least that ears with30+ years of high intensity jet
	noise can hear).

	Hap, with sharp turns in Evergreen, Maguire
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