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switches and activates when the headlights are turned on (i.e. the headlight
switch feeds the J5 coil which is grounded through a high beam bulb filament
as per previous posts). To reach your desired state in a J5 equipped car,
you pull the relay and insert a jumper between connectors 30 and 87 in the
relay socket. Voila, the fog light switches always have power and the fogs
can be turned on at any time. Alas, I suspect the power feed may not be
switched which means you could leave the fogs on and drain the battery after
parking the car (how '60s) - I can't verify this, though. I did have a
jumper in here initially (my cheap, cheap, extra lazy latch-on fix) but I
can't recall if the power was switched. I suspect it wasn't or I wouldn't
have gone to the trouble to change out the J5 relay ground. Maybe it was and
I changed out the relay ground because I have a tendency to go overboard to
do things "right". Memory fails.

Frank, you may want to check this out as a really easy way to allow you to
turn on you fogs with your high beams.

Alas, this doesn't help you. I suspect your fog switches may be connected
directly to the headlight switch which would increase headlight switch load.
To get the fogs to work all the time, you'd have to power the fog switches
from a switched power source like terminal 15 on the central electrical
panel under the dash on the drivers side.


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> By George (Fred?)! I think you've got it!
> I've wanted the abilty to turn the fogs on regardless of whether the hi
> beams were on, and your lazy latching fix is just what I needed!
> Frank at

Hmmm, my fog lights have always worked independently of the high beams, i.e.
I can have all three lights on simultaneously.  I thought they all did that.
Looking through the Bentley I noticed my car, build date 9/94, falls under
the limited window of '95 S6 cars up to VIN SN048658 that have no fog light
relay.  Sure enough the J5 relay is absent in the underhood relay box.
Great, another load through the headlight switch.  The upside is I guess I
won't have the latching problem when I eventually get around to installing
euros w/relays.  Though running fogs with high beams is not important to me.
What I want to do is wire them independently of the low beams.


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