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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

For summer time, a large population run 17X 8, so the tire size of 245 X 40 can fit properly.  This is my plan for coming fair weather.
A second rim/tire set is recommended for Winter, with opinions on width ranging from 205 thru 225.
Taka wrote about his Dunlop Wintersport choice recently, in 225 width I believe on a 17 inch rim.
35mm offset is very good for our S4 S6's

Jeff Posto

Not quite yet, an expert.

 John Mertz <john.mertz at> wrote:To the experts: will this size and lug pattern fit my 95.5 S6? Thanks.

John Mertz

17x7.5 in.
5x112mm Lug Pattern
35mm offset

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