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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

an improvement on the time to reach maximum torque, but I like the fact tha=
t it improves increased boost applications. I hear our systems are already =
top notch, but can it be improvmed? Hmmm donno... seems to give good improv=
ements in other applications, and here's a chance to get this system for ou=
r cars. $275 doesn't seem that much if it actually does what they claim.

Anyone else interested in this opportunity? any feedack with this system on=
 other Audi's or turbo cars? I'd love to hear the feedback, anyone know abo=
ut this technology?

* 100% Spark Power Increase's
* Quicker Torque-Rise Time's quicker power gains
* Faster Combustion Burn for Quicker Acceleration
* Smoother and Quicker Throttle Response
* For Turbo Engines - Ability to turn up boost
* Quicker 0-60 and 1/4 mile times
* Produces a more efficient engine
* Increases Fuel Economy

*  VERY Easy to install: Remove your old coils and install New Plasma Direc=
t Coils
* 100% secondary current (Spark Amperage) increase from 50 mA to over 100mA=
 on most systems.
* 4 Times Spark Energy Increase for the initial spark discharge (E=3D1/2*L*=
* Compatible with all OEM components
* Compatible with OBD-II (On-Board-Diagnostics)
* LED: Our Plasma Booster for coil over plug come with a LED to indicate fi=
ring of the coil.

Found this on the net:

Cheers, /James.

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